Dear partners
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Notice on discontinuation of D2000X mobile power bank

Dear partners
We kindly inform you that due to a rapid change in demand, we will stop producing the powerbank you buy form us:
DIFUNG D2000X, grey
DIFUNG D3000X, lipstick

we have produced this type of powerbank for 3 years now , but the demand for this size of powerbank has dramatically dropped the last 12 months. For us as manufacturer, we need to buy raw materials in large quantities and that risk is too much. Powerbanks switch to smaller-size models these days with also smaller batteries. The flat lithium ion battery is now commonly used. Moreover we see a switch in colours to black/dark grey  and white.

We kindly ask you to swap to different powerbank as from today onwards we will stop production. All our raw materials are finished and we will not take the risk to invest again in this type of powerbank. We also think that the new trend of powerbanks will give your customer better sales.

We will sent you some 2020 newly released powerbank via our sales department later today so that you have the opportunity to choose fastly a new powerbank for 5.000 and 10.000 maH

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