mask production plant
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DIfung is accelerating the construction of a medical mask production line with a daily output of 1 million pieces to fight the epidemic.

To help prevent and control the epidemic, DIFUNG is accelerating the construction of dust-free workshops and  UV Sterilization box production lines for the production of health protection products while doing well in the core business of mobile power, shared mobile power, and shared charging.

kn95 mask production plant
It is understood that DIFUNG has obtained the production qualification certificate, and the mask machine equipment and key material "meltblown cloth" are also in place. The production line has now entered the equipment installation and commissioning phase and is expected to be fully produced in mid-March. At that time, the production line is expected to produce 1 million masks per day and an annual output of over 300 million masks, which will help alleviate the shortage of masks in the critical period of prevention and control of the new coronary pneumonia epidemic.

After urgent communication and procurement, the key raw materials such as meltblown cloth required for DIFUNG mask production have been completed to meet the pre-production preparation and subsequent continuous supply of scheduled work. After the first batch of mask equipment is in place, it will be put into production as soon as possible. The masks produced above will be used to help alleviate the current shortage of masks, protect the health of frontline medical staff and the people, and fight against the epidemic.

The person in charge of DIFUNG introduced that the dust-free workshop project of mask production is under the responsibility of the deputy general manager. It has fully utilized the advantages of the entire industry chain accumulated by the company over the years. Large-scale production can be achieved, and the production situation will be adjusted according to the needs of epidemic prevention and control in the future to ensure the demand for materials for epidemic prevention and control.

kn95 Mask Collapsible Nonwoven Dust Mask

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